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Great that you want to participate on July 4th! 



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Here's HOw

  • You participate as an individual runner / walker / hiker.

  • As an individual runner you dedicate your run on July 4th. to Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) and you become part of the worldwide individual runner's group.

  • You donate privately - easily and securely via the link on this website. You decide how much you can donate.

  • When you have finished your run, you can report your mileage on this website. Your mileage will then be  added to the overall individual-mileage account .

Perfect for:

strollers, runners, hikers, sprinters.

In short: everyone.

Here'S ALL THE LINKS YOU'LL need on july 4th

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We ARE LOOKING forward to a great run with you!

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