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About MSF

"Médecins Sans Frontières provides medical aid in countries where the survival of people is at risk from conflict, epidemics or natural disasters. Depending on requirements, we provide basic medicine or surgical emergency aid, fight epidemics, carry out vaccination campaigns, run nutrition centers and concentrate on those Mother-child care, offer psychological help or train local staff, and we also treat infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS , tuberculosis or Kala Azar .

Although Médecins Sans Frontières works primarily in the medical field, we also provide clean drinking water , food, shelter or general aid if people need it to survive. "

Deine Spende wirkt! 

Bereits mit einem kleinen Beitrag kannst du etwas bewirken. Wie die Spenden bei Ärzte ohne Grenzen eingesetzt werden, haben wir für dich zusammengestellt.  Schau mal rein! 

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