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Your donation counts!


Amy Neumann-Volmer ist nicht nur Allgemeinärztin im süddeutschen Dorf Amtzell, sondern  auch Vorstandsvorsitzende von Ärzte ohne Grenzen. Amy und ihr Mann Klaus waren bereits auf mehreren Auslandsmissionen für Ärzte ohne Grenzen im Einsatz. Erst im März letzten Jahres war Amy in Madagaskar. Dort herrscht eine Hungersnot, die  100.000 Menschen bedroht. Vor allem Kinder kämpfen ums Überleben.

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8 Euro

"With eight euros, MSF can protect 15 women and their newborns from tetanus. "

275 Euro

"With your donation of 275 euros we can supply 500 refugees / displaced persons
with the most important medicines for three months."

26 Euro

"Your donation saves lives: With 26 euros we can treat two severely malnourished children with therapeutic milk and high-calorie ready-made food for two weeks in a hospital."

966 Euro

"Your donation helps: with 966 euros we can buy a 45 square metre tent and set-up a clinic. "

48 Euro

"With 48 euros we can provide 3,000 people with clean drinking water for one week.
Including the necessary material such as water tank, pump, tap and chlorine. "

5.360 Euro

"For 5,360 euros
we can buy surgical instruments, bandages and medicines  to help 150 emergency patients. "

100 Euro

"With a delivery set for 100 euros our midwives can help five women
 to safely  give birth to their children. "

11.973 Euro

"With 11,973 euros we can provide medical care to 10,000 people  in disaster regions for

three months. "

If you also want to support Médecins sans Frontières, you can donate privately - safely, easily and quickly - using the following link.


MSF helps where it is most needed. As a humanitarian medical organization, Médecins Sans Frontières is committed to providing high quality and efficient healthcare in countries where the survival of adults and children is at risk. The Corona-pandemic has not only changed the lives of many of us - it has also drastically intensified the work of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF). With closed borders, humanistic aid and access to medicines is extremely difficult. Moreover, the corona virus poses an even greater threat for hospitals and camps in crisis regions


...TO ALL SUPPORTERS. You're amazing!

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